Why to use SensDesk.com

One screen for all your IP sensors

SensDesk.com is intuitive web portal for end users. It's collectiong data from LAN even GSM based sensors. Unique is remote configuration of GSM/GPRS devices.

Email and SMS alert by every single sensor

SensDesk.com will alert you in case of potential issues.

IP sensors can be installed anywhere

In your customer’s office, in a car, at you weekend house behind NAT & FW. Even next to your fridge.

Sensors overview in mobile phone

Mobile application for your iPhone & Android, all alerts on one screen.

SensDesk.com is free of charge

No monthly fees. Just connect IP sensors from HW group and that’s it.

Connect to the SensDesk.com

Digital Inputs (detectors)
Temperature sensors
Humidity sensors
Energy consumption
Gas meters
Light sensors
Voltage sensors
Current sensors
Heating meters
Water meters